About KLER

Meticulous, precise and always caring about details KLER creates characters which testify precise moments of her life, almost as she was coloring her diary.

For KLER, street art is freedom and sharing. She releases her thoughts and emotions on the walls, reaching a state of meditation while painting.
Inspired by the events and the people she meet along her way KLER immortalizes ephemeral moments and passenger emotions.

Walls interventions

KLER loves the process of painting on the street: connecting with people, hearing comments, noises.
She always try to feel and capture each person’s energy.
It is not the same as painting in the studio, where the only voices she hears are the ones in her head.
KLER loves the moments when she dare to aim higher,
to go bigger on bigger walls.

Painting on Canvas

Painting on canvas is always a challenge for KLER who is used to larger sizes. Anyway, her determination, a little music and a glass of red wine make her creations in the studio a pleasant success.

Watercolor experimenting

since KLER likes challenges and always needs to do something new, she experiment with watercolor on even smaller sizes.

Paste up puzzle

KLER leaves a little gift in every place she visits. Leaving behind herself infinite pieces of a puzzle that constantly evolves and changes its shape.
She paste her black and white drawings on doors, bridges and walls all over the world.